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Teacher Talk

Teacher Talk: Combining Art and Language at Mater Christi School

June 13, 2017

When Mrs. Jennifer Coulter set out to plan a research unit with her third graders, it occurred to her that this would be a perfect unit to teach in interdisciplinary fashion. She approached Ms. Hannah Robertson, Mater Christi School’s art teacher, and together they came up with a plan that would incorporate researching the life […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: Ocean Life in Pre-Kindergarten

May 9, 2017

Inquiry!  Inquiry!  Inquiry!  Our unit about ocean life comes alive each year because of our commitment to inquiry learning.  Some years we study mostly whales, some years we look more at fish and plants.  It depends on what the children want to know.  This year we seem to have done it all!  Because of questions […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: The Last Supper – Holy Thursday

April 18, 2017

Pre-Kindergarten children gathered together to celebrate the Last Supper with each other on Holy Thursday.  We had been talking about the 12 special friends of Jesus, The Disciples, for a few weeks.  They knew Matthew was a thief before he met Jesus and they knew Andrew and Peter were fishermen.  They knew some of these […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: Easter In Kindegarten

April 13, 2017

Our Kindergartners have been working hard preparing for Easter by doing thoughtful deeds at home and at school. Each time they do a good deed they get to glue a colored egg on their Lenten Egg Tree.  Their goal is to fill their Tree with many colorful eggs showing their growth in love during lent.  One of […] Read more...

Mater Christi School Prays Stations of the Cross

April 13, 2017

As part of their celebration of Holy Week,  Mater Christi School students and staff gathered in the school gym to pray the Stations of the Cross. Fourteen banners marked the 14 significant stops that Christians traditionally believe Jesus made as he carried his cross through the city of Jerusalem to Calvary. Each classroom in the […] Read more...