Discovering personal greatness in pre-school through grade 8 students - Burlington, Vermont

Guest Lecturers

Brian David Johnson

Chief Futurist at Intel Corporation

Since Mater Christi School in Burlington has a long tradition of utilizing the talent with which it is surrounded, including that of the members of the IBM, Fletcher Allen Health Care, UVM, St. Michael’s College, Shelburne Museum and the Tarrant Institute communities, it seemed very appropriate to accept the invitation of Dr. Laurel Bongiorno, Dean of Education at Champlain College, to help host Brian David Johnson, the Chief Futurist at Intel Corporation. Read more...

Suzanne McGregor

US Department of Homeland Security and Immigration

Suzanne McGregor visited the 8th grade social studies class and talked about immigration in the United States.

Dr. Elizabeth Miquel

Veterinarian at Essex Veterinary Center

Dr. Miquel, a veterinarian at Essex Veterinary Center, visited middle school students at Mater Christi, along with a beautiful and healthy Golden Retriever. Dr. Miquel, along with two of her assistants, performed an echocardiogram on the dog in the science room in front of the students. An echocardiogram is a non-invasive procedure used to evaluate the heart. Read more...

Dr. Margaret Vizzard

Professor of Neurological Sciences at UVM

Dr. Margaret Vizzard, a professor in neurological science at UVM, taught a class about neuroscience to the first graders at Mater Christi School. Read more...

Doug Wilhelm


Mr. Doug Wilhelm spent an hour with middle school students describing the process he used to write The Revealers, a book that most of the students had read as part of their literature course. Read more...