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What is the Mater Christi School Annual Fund?

The Mater Christi School Annual Fund is our highest fundraising priority. Unrestricted gifts directly support Mater Christi’s operating budget and provide the flexibility to direct vital resources to the areas of greatest need and impact. The Annual Fund provides ongoing support of the overall budget for nearly everything, including: supplies to support our challenging and diverse curriculum, faculty salaries and benefits, and campus improvements and maintenance. In summary, it helps to fund the complete Mater Christi experience.

Is the Annual Fund Unique to Mater Christi School?
No. All private schools and colleges have long relied on the generosity and loyalty of their community. Very few private schools, colleges, or universities have the ability to sustain their school community with tuition alone. MCS tuition covers about 68% of the cost to educate each child. The remaining 32% is covered by donors like you.

Why not increase tuition to cover the costs?
The Board of Trustees works hard to  keep tuition costs down, so we may reach a broader population creating our diverse community. Also, a donation to the school is tax-deductible and tuition is not.

Why is 100% participation so important?
100% participation in the Annual Fund helps us when we speak with grant-makers and major donors. Showing strong community support above and beyond tuition is a huge strength for MCS. We ask the entire community to participate in the Annual Fund and we rely on contributions of all sizes. Every dollar counts and Mater Christi is truly grateful for every gift. Donate and make a difference today!

What if I want to make a gift that directly benefits my child’s interests, or the buildings and grounds of the school?
You may make a restricted gift to Mater Christi School at any time. We are always grateful for the generosity of our donors.

How much do we need?
The Mater Christi Annual Fund needs to raise funds to support the operating budget and  to fill the tuition gap this year. We are encouraging 100% participation from parents, faculty, staff, and the Mater Christi Board of Trustees members.

  • Giving Opportunities

    It's been a great couple of years for Mater Christi School with new leadership and a renewed sense of mission and purpose. Please support the Annual Fund today to help us continue this momentum. We ask that every community member -- parent, grandparent, faculty, staff, alumni -- consider a gift of... Learn More

  • Giving Tree/Scholarship Fund

    The Mater Christi School Giving Tree, in the middle school lobby, is a lasting and meaningful way to honor anyone. Each leaf is engraved with a personal message and permanently displayed on the tree. Giving Tree donations are a wonderful legacy to leave to MCS as they are added to the scholarship endowment... Learn More

  • The Spring Benefit

    Let's celebrate Mater Christi School! Please join us for the 2019 MCS Spring Event on Saturday, May 11 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm! We look forward to a special night when parents and friends of the MCS community will gather, celebrate, and mindfully benefit our students as we support the programs, technology,... Learn More

  • Your Gifts at Work

    When you give to Mater Christi, the faculty and our students immediately feel the impact. Your gift of $25 to $50 supports our faculty and students with the supplies they need such as software and paper for worksheets and tests. Your gift of $100 to $250 helps to keep our library stocked with new books... Learn More