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Inside Mater Christi

Teacher Talk: Cell Organelles in 2+ Dimensions in 5th. Grade

December 7, 2018

5B Science with Ms. Sem/Makerspace with Ms. Finkle Students in Mrs. Sem’s fifth-grade science class are learning about the form and function of cells.  Their studies reveal that cells, like our own bodies, are made up of specialized units within that work together to perform all the necessary processes for life.  Diving deep to understand the various kinds of organelles and their functions in different kinds of cells, students created […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: Maker Club – Up Up and Away

October 24, 2018

The of Maker Club for Kindergarten to grade 3 students of the year has concluded with the release of the student-made five foot tall hot air balloon.  Students cut out and glued the tissue paper panels together during the last two club meetings. The balloon was embellished with students’ tissue paper hands upon which they had written their names. The first two launches saw the balloon sail across the playground […] Read more...

News: 1st Grade Art

October 22, 2018

Fall is in the air at Mater Christi with pumpkins as the focus in Ms. Lee’s first grade classroom.  With the help of a parent, artist M. C. Baker, the first graders used recycled materials to create a pumpkin art project.  As a Mercy school we are constantly trying to find ways to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices. Art and poetry were the focus of this festive fall project to […] Read more...

Mater Christi School – Cross Country Team

October 18, 2018

Our girls finished 4th at the Chittenden County Cross County Championship race at the Shelburne Museum on 10/17/18. Seventeen schools competed.  Although our girls team is small in number, we ran well against some very big schools. Izzy Lacy was 5th overall and the top fifth grader in the race. She was followed closely by Sego J, Ella Knudsen, Ella Byers, and Ava Rohrbaugh who all helped score in the very […] Read more...

News: Rhonda From CSWD Visits MCS

September 11, 2018

The first and second grade classes welcomed Recycle Rhonda from CSWD (Chittenden Solid Waste District) to share her Compost Critters program on Thursday, September 6, 2018.  This program teaches children about the importance of composting. Students were able to dig into the cyclical journey of lunchtime leftovers from the compost bucket to nutrient rich soil and back to the food on their plate.  This program incorporates biology, local issues, and […] Read more...